Secured Hard Disk

Disque dur sécurisé



Whether in the office, at a client or partner's site, or at home, your managers and work colleagues need to be able to access their data at any time. But at the same time, the risks have never been greater: with stolen laptops, industrial espionage, hackers, spyware... As Architect of an Open World, Bull has designed and developed globull, an innovative device to respond to the need for high levels of security in mobile computing. analysis, allowing truly instant recognition for the workstation.

Key features

Globull lets your users take their work environment with them wherever they go, in total security, thanks to its:
  • High-performance, high security processor: at the very heart of globull, it secures the PC and its applications in real time.
  • Secure hard disk: a multizone, 60Gb disk protected by the security processor providing on-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption to ensure integral security for your data.
  • Multi-factor strong authentication using the touch screen: ensuring that your  system is safe from any intruder or spyware on the PC.
  • Simple, high-power connectivity via the USB2 port on the PC being used: so you can carry your system, applications and data files anywhere, in complete confidence, onto any host PC, whether it's a laptop, a client or partner's workstation, or your home computer…